Google Penalty –Avoid

No one expects the average business owners to understand everything there is to know about Google’s webmaster guidelines. Even marketers and expert SEO consultants sometimes fall prey to these guidelines. However, by being patient and using just a little common sense, you can actually stay comfortably inside the safe zone. What do we mean by this?

66% of new businesses fail in the first two years, while 90% will eventually fail as well. The remaining 10% are rewarded for their patience and hard work. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Be patient

You can’t build a successful website overnight. Or even 30 days or 90 days, despite the claims of the e-book you just purchased. Building a good website takes time. You have to build an audience slowly with engaging, well-written content.

Sometimes you get lucky with a viral content and get a spike in traffic. However, you still need to produce quality content to engage the new audience. Similarly, building a social media following takes time. You have to learn its intricacies, find out how to attract followers, and balance your presence across multiple platforms. Remember, nine out of ten start-ups will fail, and a £5 e-book won’t guarantee your success.

Don’t take shortcuts

When you’re impatient, you take short cuts. When you start taking shortcuts, you’re inviting immediate scrutiny from Google. When you buy 100 allegedly high-quality backlinks to boost your rankings, Google’s algorithm will immediately detect the surge, because it’s not realistic for new websites to suddenly earn 100 backlinks in its first month of operation.

When you hire a content mill to spin 100 articles at £1 each, the overall quality of your content will drop – and Google won’t like it, because they’re very particular about content quality. Or worse, if you start using PLR articles, the duplicate content ratio on your site will skyrocket.

So avoid shortcuts, and use your common sense. Sometimes, you do know better than the SEO expert you’ve just hired.

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