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Port Health Handbook 2011
We are delighted to announce that the 2011 Port Health Handbook is now available. The Handbook has been produced by the Association of Port Health Authorities to provide guidance to shipmasters, port users and other interested parties on the regulations and precautions they need to have regard to in order to protect the environment and safeguard public and animal health.

To get your FREE copy send us an A5 size SAE with the correct postage of 96p to: Association of Port Health Authorities, 3rd Floor, Walbrook Wharf, 78-83 Upper Thames Street, London EC4R 3TD

If you require multiple copies please as they may incur an extra charge.

For the first time there is an e-book version of the Handbook available this year.
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Click to download excerpts from the 2009 Handbook in pdf format:
Section 1 - Public Health (4.7MB)
Section 2-4 - Food Imports, Animal Imports & Pollution (3.7MB)
Section 5-6 - Port Health Authority Contacts (1MB) 

As organisations working with authorities responsible for the delivery of regulatory services LACORS and APHA have common goals. It is recognised that there is an overlap in the remit of the two organisations, and this document has been agreed by APHA and LACORS to outline how both organisations can operate in a complimentary way, to ensure that local authorities are well represented and APHA /LACORS resources are used as effectively as possible. Download the APHA/LACORS agreement.

Identification Marking of Fishery Products
Provides a practical guide to the law about the identification marking of fishery products for importers and enforcement officers

Business Plan 2009
The APHA Business Plan 2009 highlights our achievements over the past year and explains our plans for 2009 and the future. It tells you how we will be improving the service we provide and how we will increase our influence over national and international public health policy.
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Norovirus on Cruise Ships Guidance
Guidance for port health officers, health professionals and other agency staff and the crew of affected vessels for the identification and management of norovirus outbreaks aboard cruise vessels. Produced by HPA, APHA and MCA. Hard copies are currently available from the APHA office. These are available at the cost of postage only. Please contact us to order copies.
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Importer Advice Notes
These guidance notes are intended to inform importers of the requirements for importing food into Europe. The guides cover imported food of animal and non animal origin as well as the specific controls for high risk products such as melamine contamination of milk and soy products from China.  

Airport Catering – Guidance for Inspectors
This guidance is intended for use by Local Authority Officers inspecting airline-catering operations. The aim of any inspection is to identify whether hazards associated with the operation have been identified / controlled and to assess whether conditions, hygiene practices and systems of work are being maintained in compliance with legislation, good practice and the Company’s own management control system.

The guide is on sale at £5.00 (£3.00 to APHA members) per copy. A 10% discount will be given for orders of more than 10 copies. Contact APHA to order your copy.

Good Practice Guide for Ports
This set of 6 Good Practice Guides was developed for ports as part of a study led by the Syniad Benchmarking Centre. The Good Practice guides aim to assist organisations to assess their current performance in comparison with others and set goals for future improvement.

Click to download:
Introductory Guide
Guide 1- Products of Animal Origin
Guide 2- Non POAO
Guide 3- Ship Inspections
Guide 4- Environmental Protection
Guide 5- Health and Safety
Guide 6- Training

Ship Sanitation Guidance Toolbox
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Code of Practice for Infectious Diseases on Aircraft (1995)
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APHA/HPA Report- The Microbiological Quality of Water on Board Ships
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