Association of Port Health Authorities

About Us

The Association of Port Health Authorities is the only UK wide organisation representing the interests of Local Authorities and Port Health Authorities with responsibilities for health controls at sea and airports. Port health authorities are constituted with the primary objective of preventing the introduction into the country of dangerous epidemic, contagious and infectious diseases and ensuring the wholesomeness of imported food.

There are currently 61 members of the Association who can be found throughout the UK. Members actively work with the Association in sharing their expertise and best practice to deliver consistent and effective port health services. The Association is widening it's membership and welcomes applications from any organisation or individual with an interest, and knowledge of port health matters, for example medical and veterinary practitioners.

The Association plays an important role in protecting public health through liaison with government departments and agencies, local authorities and internationally through the EU, the World Health Organisation and trade bodies. It contributes significantly to national and international policy development and keeps its members up to date with changes in legislation and guidance.

The Association is directed by an elected Executive Board and has a number of technical committees dealing with the various areas of port health work. If you wish to contribute to any of these technical committees please .

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