Association of Port Health Authorities

The Association of Port Health Authorities co-ordinates and promotes an efficient port health service. It represents the interests of Member Authorities in discussions with Government on all matters relating to health control of shipping, aircraft and imported food.

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Port Mosquito Surveillance

The risk of importing infectious diseases as a result of international travel and commerce has been recognised for centuries and there is a long history of communities seeking to protect themselves from such pathogens by restricting access to people, animals and goods that have come from areas affected by disease outbreaks.

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APHA  joins LBRO World Class Coalition

APHA were recently represented at a meeting of the ‘Local Better Regulation Office’ entitled ‘The World Class Coalition’.  The coalition was developed in 2008 to simplify the complex regulatory systems in England and Wales.  The purpose of their work is to reduce burdens, ensure value for money, end the culture of ‘tick box’ regulation and deliver prosperity and protection. 

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Ship Sanitation Charges 2011

January 2011, APHA's Environmental Health & Hygiene Committee reviewed the charges for issuing Ship Sanitation Certificates and agreed to increase charges with effect from 1st April 2011.  

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Guideline charges for the inspection of IUU catch certificates under Regulation (EC) No 1005/2008

The Association of Port Health Authorities (APHA) supported by Defra, has conducted a review of the charges currently levied for inspecting IUU catch certificates in the United Kingdom.

We would encourage Ports to follow the guidelines and not levy separate charges per flag state as part of one consignment. However, where multiple flag states within a single consignment are a ‘regular’ occurrence, it may be necessary to levy increased charges to recover the cost of the additional work involved in processing. We would always recommend that Importers should check with their Port for details.

For more information please see the attached documents:

Outline of Revised Charges

Explanation of Review Process

Port Health Fee Template 

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